Dark vegan snickers bars. I’m in heaven.

To make a batch you’ll need:

200g raw cocoa powder

100g cocoa butter

3 tbsp date syrup

1 cup of unsalted peanuts (skin on)

1 cup of dates

Pinch of salt

Start off by gently roasting peanuts. When roasted, remove the skin – this is important as the skin may make your snicker bars slightly bitter. Mill half of the peanuts into a coarse flour and leave the rest of the nuts aside.

Next blend the dates and peanut flour together until a smooth caramel forms. Add a pinch of salt.

Continue by melting cocoa butter and adding cocoa powder and date syrup. Pour half of the mix into a lined loaf tin. Leave in the freezer for 10mins until the chocolate sets.

Take out the bread tin and line peanuts on top of the chocolate. Add the date caramel and line the mixture evenly. Put it in the freezer for 10mins until the mixture sets.

Then take the chocolate-nut-caramel mix out of the freezer & cut in 2-bites sized chunks. Use the rest of the chocolate mix to gently cover the snicker bars in chocolate.