These little prune chocolate pops are simply amazing. Prunes have such perfect gooey texture which adds lovely sweeteness to dark chocolate, whilst praline adds a great crunch.

To make 20 pops you’ll need:


60g cocoa butter

3 tbs cocoa powder

2 tbs milled cocoa nibs

7 pitted & chopped prunes


100g hand chopped roasted hazelnuts – skin removed

4 tbs maple syrup

To make chocolate base simply melt cocoa butter & add the rest ingredients. When ready pour the mix half way into silicon ice tray. Set aside.

Next put hazelnuts into a sauce pan & cover with maple surup. Gently simmer the praline until syrup has turned into a sticky, hard mass.

To finish off fill the rest of the mould with praline & leave it in the freezer or a fridge to set. Voila!