Similar to my sweet mini tarts, these are so easy to make and are the perfect breakfast option if you’re looking to make something a bit more special.

To make these tarts you’ll need:

150g Goats cheese

Few cherry tomatos or a larger tomato (sliced)

Wild red currants

Lemon & lime

Salt, chilli flakes, maple syrup & rosemary to season

To make these tarts simply cut puff pastry in squares and spread goats cheese on top. Then garnish each square with their separate ingredients. Put it in the oven and bake tarts for about 15min or until they turn golden brown.

I made 3 different type of tarts:

Goats cheese, tomato, salt, chilli & rosemary

Goats cheese, wild red currants & maple syrup

Goats cheese, lemon, lime, maple syrup